Activities at Chichen Adventure

Enrich your trip with the exciting activities at Chichen Adventure! Located a few minutes from Chichen Itza, the park offers you a place to relax and refuel after exploring the archaeological zone. Soak up the jungle vibes and reconnect with nature!

Rio Maya

Immerse yourself in our refreshing Rio Maya, a beautiful oasis built by man in the middle of the jungle. The waters of the Rio Maya come from the underground tributaries that run through the Yucatan Peninsula, the only source of fresh water in the region and a vital resource for the ancient Maya residents. Enjoy a refreshing swim or just float and relax!

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Mayan Chocolate Museum - Workshop

Did you know that your favorite chocolate treat is made from cacao seeds or that chocolate is yet another gift of the Maya to the world? Cacao beans were so valuable in pre-hispanic times that they were used as currency! You’ll learn these and other secrets of the Mayan world in this interactive chocolate workshop.

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Mayan Village and Archaeological Relics

On your Chichen Itza tour you’ll visit one of the most important ceremonial and political centers of the ancient Maya world with its fascinating temple and structures. But who built it all? Whose arduous work and tributes sustained centuries of luxury for the rulers and priests of Chichen Itza?

The answers to these questions and many other secrets of the Mayan world are found in the archaeological relics and the Mayan village at Chichen Adventure.

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